High Performance Apprentice is the fastest & simplest way to transform your future professionals into highly skilled, consistent, accountable & inspired stylists.
Our weekly, LIVE (virtual) classes allow your apprentices to feel supported and present with our personal, hands-on approach to education.

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Alex Walker
HPA Lead Educator

Alex is owner of the Kaboodles Salon network and understands more than anyone the importance of educating apprentices. “Over half of the stylists across our salons were educated in our academy. It builds a strong culture within the business and creates a high level of stylists as our programme was written and delivered by us, delivering high performing stylists.” 
Alex has a vast experience in education having worked for various brands. Creating and delivering education across the world. He has put that experience to great use writing and creating the HPA programme. “I feel delivering this interactive online programme provides the perfect solution for apprentices, allowing them to receive high quality education without leaving their salon. As well as removing the pressure on the salon owner.”

Tayler Bailey
HPA Educator

Tayler is a product of the Kaboodles Academy and has worked alongside Alex for a number of years. Tayler has developed her educating skills teaching in the Kaboodles Academy and obtaining both teaching and assessing qualifications. The combination of Tayler’s natural affinity for education and her passion has lead her to become head of apprentice education at Kaboodles and HPA educator.

“I feel so excited to be apart of such a unique and new education concept delivering interactive classes dedicated to apprentices. It really is amazing to have such a diverse class of young professionals from all over the world, supporting and celebrating each other as they become confident stylists."

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is HPA & how does it work?
  • The High Performance Apprentice Programme is an interactive, online program. Out LIVE interactive classes run every week and are approximately 3 hours long. Our mission is to create High Performance Stylists by teaching a comprehensive programme covering all aspects of cutting, colouring and styling. Accelerating their journey through their education to working on the salon floor generating revenue as quickly as possible.
  • What makes it unique?
  • Our programme is the first of its kind, running fully interactive LIVE virtual classes every week. Our HPA Facebook group has created a community for them to engage, connect, support and celebrate each other alongside their classes.
  • How long does the program run for?
  • The programme is split into 3 parts; Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. Each programme is 16 weeks long.
  • How much does it cost?
  • Only £100 a month! This makes each LIVE class only £25!
  • How do I enrol my apprentice(s)?
  • Click the button and schedule a call with the HPA team
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